About Us.


Community is why we built Crosby’s, not coffee.

That’s admittedly an odd thing to write on a  coffee shop’s website, but stick with us (and we promise, our coffee rocks).

Community is about a feeling that you have when you walk into your best friend’s home. Community is about leaning on one another. Community never left our side when my husband and I lost our son at 17 weeks pregnant. The baby’s heart stopped beating, leaving ours broken in a different way. But our neighbors kept bringing us delicious treats, our friends kept their doors open for us and our family’s love lifted us up. Our son’s name was Crosby, so we’re honoring him in this space with our own treats, open doors and love.

You want to be where everyone knows your name and how you like your coffee. Whether you’re sipping a cup in our shop with your morning paper, sharing a bagel with a pal or just grabbing a bag to brew at home, that feeling of familiarity is what we want to build with you. Everyone is welcome at Crosby’s, and everyone is home.


Crosby's Amenities

  • Free Wifi

  • Live Music

  • Comfy Couch

  • Parking


Community is about supporting local business.

That’s why we’ve partnered with a local family roaster on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

The trust in this relationship is why we’re certain that the goodness inside this bag is fresh, high-quality and sourced directly from micro-lot family farms throughout the world’s best coffee regions.



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48 South Street Wrentham, MA 02093